See Me Wear This!

As promised, I did a craft this weekend! But It didn’t get started until Sunday due to some family issues. It will get posted later this week in between final projects prep!

I decided to start a new series on the blog to help you(my readers) get to know me better. Every so often I will share what I wore. This will probably occur most when a) I get a new outfit or b) I feel that the outfit is cute or worthy of sharing. We will see how it goes.

Before I let you into my closet, you should know something, I have 4 rules when buying my clothes. They are:

1. The item must be functional! -This means that I have to be able to wear the item in a classroom (I’m going to school to be a teacher) or I have to be able to wear it to work. There are some                                                      exception like with summer clothes and sweats, but I usually don’t stray from this rule.

2. The item must be on sale or I have to have a coupon for it. -Josh and my friends will contest that I stick to this one pretty well. I Love this rule, it is my absolute favorite. Why buy full price                                                  when I can get more for my money?! I’m a college kid, this rule is very important!

3. The item needs to be modest. This is just a personal rule and style choice. I’ve followed this one since I can remember being able to pick out my own clothes. Everyone has their own                                                               definition of modest. Mine is, “Things that should be covered are covered.” It’s really that simple.

4.  The item must have a purpose. Sometimes, I make the purpose up like, I have a coupon for this or this deal is too good to pass up! But when I do that, the item is also something that I need                                                  to complete an outfit, or it will match something I already own. Slowly but surely, I am building up my “teacher closet” and that has been my shopping purpose most often.

Even though I have rules, I still splurge sometimes. Hey, I’m not perfect! I’m a girl and love shopping, I can not deny this…

Here is my first ever See Me Wear This! outfit. Josh and I had a “day date” on Saturday. Of course, I needed to look cute to go to lunch, the mall, and grocery shopping. 😛  We had Hu Hot for lunch and it was amazing as always!

See Me Wear This! #1

Headband: Maurices

Shirt: Maurices  – This shirt is no longer available as I bought it in the Fall.

The link will take you to Maurices’ shirt page.

Pants: Target – I got these in sale last Spring for $4.98! Because of this,

they are no longer available. The link will take you to pants of a similar style.

Shoes: Target – These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes!

They are Mad Love brand. And they are currently on sale!

Purse: Sassy’s Boutique – I got this purse a great little

shop in my home town!



Meet Joshua!

Joshua and I

Joshua and I

If you’ve read my other blog or know me then you probably know Josh. Or Joshy. Or Joshua. Or the kid that I live with. To be clear Josh is my boyfriend. We have been dating for just over three years now. We went to high school together, Josh was in the grade above me. Josh and I also used to work together at the grocery store in our tiny town. In the last three years, I have learned a lot about how we fit together in just the perfect amount.

1. We both love food. A lot. We have lived together for a little bit longer than a year and in that year, I have gotten Josh to love most of all of the home cooked goodness I grew up with. Most of it being made up recipes my mom or I made up while we were trying to do another recipe until we came up with a better idea mid-cooking…

2. Josh caved into my butter problem. It’s not a problem really, I just refuse to use margarine (aka fake butter). And now Josh loves butter almost as much as me! 🙂

3. Neither of us can sit still. Ever. We don’t like to be at home for long bouts of time. Some nights we will just go to Target to get out of our apartment. We don’t buy anything, we just go and look at stuff or pick out stuff we would like to buy for our apartment or future house. Or we find an item and try to find a way that we could make it ourselves. We like to keep busy!

4. Josh puts up with indecisiveness when we’re shopping. I can’t make snap decisions, everything has to be thought through. Josh has never complained. EVER. So props to Josh.

5. We’re pretty cheap dates. We only go on “big” dates maybe every other month. There are a lot of ice cream dates, farmer’s market dates, Polito’s dates (Pizza by the slice), or sometimes we just go downtown and explore the little shops. We go to the movies probably three times a year. Have you been to a theater lately? It costs an arm and a leg! The last time we went to a movie, we took my little cousins to see “Frozen” and that’s because it was $5 movie day! We used to go more when we lived back home because there were two $3 movie theaters. On Valentine’s day this year, we got dressed up all fancy like and went out to dinner. By the time we got to the movie, we switched into sweats. It’s a pretty low-key life we live, but we wouldn’t trade it!

6. We’re kids at heart. For example, we might have taken our cousins to see “Frozen” because we actually really wanted to see it. We own way more kid movies than anything else.

7. Josh doesn’t complain about my projects. Well mostly the glitter. He puts up with all of the glitter. In return I put up with the video games. That leads me to my next point.

8. We both have our own interests. Not every moment is filled with constantly being together. We are able to split our time pretty well between friends, family, and each other. I don’t pretend to love video games and he doesn’t pretend to love glitter and all of the girly things I put in our apartment. I’m pretty sure if we shared every interest, we’d be sick of each other. However I did try playing one of his video games one time and I somehow blew myself up. It was the end of my COD career. Balancing can be hard, but I think because our relationship started as long distance and stayed long distance for 2 years helped. Sometimes we work on our hobbies together, but we are still doing our own thing.

9. He does the dishes and I love him for that because I hate doing the dishes. He will tell you that too! In return, I do the laundry and clean the floors. Other than that, we take turns doing chores. But he should seriously get an award for doing the dishes every week!

I have a pretty sweet boyfriend. He will do anything for me whenever I need it. I have probably another 100 reasons why we fit so well together, but these are my top 9. They aren’t necessarily the biggest or the most important, but these ones do mean a lot. These are the reasons we are who we are and why our relationship has worked so well. Ok, so the butter part is probably not why our relationship has worked so well. But it was a turning point in our relationship (probably not really but I thought you should know…. :P)  I picked a pretty good guy. Or maybe he picked me. Let’s go with we picked each other!

Enjoy! -Katelyn

Upcoming Posts

Hi all!

Sorry there hasn’t been a post this week. We are reaching the final stretches of the school year and I have been overwhelmed with school work. This weekend I promise you something fun! I’m not sure what I am making yet, but it will be fun!

Have a great week!


Dessert Pizza (Godfather’s Copy Cat)

yummmm :)

yummmm 🙂

When I was growing up, we hardly ever ate out. I can’t even remember going to Godfather’s Pizza except for a handful of times with friends. But I adore their dessert pizza. It’s so good and one of my favorite kinds of pizzas! It has a streusel crumb topping with a gooey sweet icing. It’s also extremely easy to make. You can cheat and buy pizza crust, but I usually make my own. However, this time I used two rolls of sweet roll dough (I made a sheet cake size). The dough was a perfect puffy crust for the pizza! I simply proofed the dough in a greased dish in the oven and then pieced them together in the pan. While the dough was proofing, I made my crumb mixture. then popped it in the oven! My friends loved it as much as me! The recipe is below. 🙂

*To proof sweet roll dough- Set the oven to 150 degrees. Put the sweet roll dough in a greased dish, make sure to spritz some cooking spray on top of the dough so it doesn’t stick t the the plastic wrap. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and place a dish towel on top. Once the oven reaches 150 degrees, turn it off and place the dough with the towel on top of the dish in the oven until the dough doubles in size. If your house is warm enough or you have radiators, you can follow the directions on the package.

dessert pizza

dessert pizza rec.

I hope you enjoy!


Frosted Candle Votives


{Frosted Candle Votives}

{Frosted Candle Votives}

Last summer, I attempted to dress up our kitchen table a little bit. For some reason, I really wanted some frosted glass votives but I didn’t want to etch them. Etching cream can be expensive and take a while to finish the process of etching the glass. While at the hardware store getting supplies for another project, I found some Krylon Frosted Glass Finish. It was perfect for this project! The spray paint was easy to apply, dried fast, and was pretty cheap! Next I took a trip to the Dollar Tree and picked up a few small candle holders. When I got home, I taped a design on them using masking tape. I cut the tape in different widths to give my designs different looks. I also used a few glasses that already had candles in them. They were ones that I picked up on sale at Bath and Body Works.

{Step One} Use masking tape to create a designs on the votive.

{Step One} Use masking tape to create a designs on the votive.

After I had all of my designs done, I laid out news paper on the ground and sprayed one coat of Frosted Glass Finish on the votives. I sprayed it about 4-6 inches away from the glass to give it an even coat. Be sure to do this step out side or in a well vented area! After the finish dried for 15 minutes, I put another coat of Frosted Glass Finish on and repeated the process once more. Basically, I kept adding layers until I was happy with the amount of frost on the glass. You can add more or use less depending on what you would like your votives to look like!

{Step 2} Spray the votives with the Frosted Glass Finish. Wait 15 minutes or more between coats!

{Step 2} Spray the votives with the Frosted Glass Finish. Wait 15 minutes or more between coats!

Next, I let the spray paint dry and cure. I let them sit outside for a couple of hours to make sure they were completely dry. Once the votives were dry, I removed the tape.

{Step Three} Let the votives dry for a few hours. {Step Four} Remove the tape from the votives

{Step Three} Let the votives dry for a few hours.
{Step Four} Remove the tape from the votives

I used some small votive candles that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I love the way that they turned out!

{Step Five} Add candles and light!

{Step Five} Add candles and light!



Home Sweet Home

Hi all!
I’ve left Wisconsin for the weekend and traveled back home. I brought Miranda home with me. It’s her first time to visit home with me, I hope that she is enjoying her trip! If you are new to Sweet Potato Pie, Miranda was my dorm mate last year in college. Now we are singing (badly) partners in crime! I drug her all around Cedar Falls today. We tried on prom dresses and I found the {perfect} dress! Too bad we’re not in high school any more. Miranda was a big hit with the little girls this afternoon. Tomorrow we are headed to Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann’s for craft supplies! I have no clue what I am making yet, but why not add to my supply? 🙂


Car trip to Iowa with Miranda!

Car trip to Iowa with Miranda!

Have a good night!


The Long Forgotten Blogs

I’ve changed my mind yet again. Imagine that! Instead of reposting all of my previous posts, I’ve decided just to link them to this blog.
The original Sweet Potato Pie-My very first attempt at blogging 🙂 Here you will find the Summer of Crafts and several other attempts at blogging. If you work with young children, check out the Summer of Crafts series. It’s full of fun things like gak, headbands, Eric Carle Craft week, and more!


Sweet Potato Pie{Take Two} ultimately I wanted to keep this blog, but the formatting was getting annoying and the host changed a lot of features. Eventually I gave up and decided that I needed a whole new host! Here you will find more crafts and food!