Snowflake Wreath


The Snowflake Wreath is still one of my favorite holiday crafts that I have made. I love it because it is sparkly and it can be kept up past Christmas! It was also a lot of fun to make. I may have gotten stuck in the wreath form and Miranda and I got to spray it with glitter paint! Who could say not to that?! Okay maybe a select few, like my future mother-in-law. But, we are starting to bring her over to the sparkly side!!!! Let’s get started!


  • Roll of Tulle – I bought mine at Micheal’s. If you can’t find it, ask an employee. It can be bought at almost any craft store. If you can not find it, you can by tulle off of the bolt and cut it to size.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic snowflakes- I bought mine at the Dollar Tree.
  • Wire wreath form- I found this at Jo Ann’s by all of the creepy doll heads and doilies.
  • Glitter fabric spray- Totally optional
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge021

Step One: This step is truly optional. The snowflakes I bought already had glitter on them, but they weren’t sparkly enough for me. So of course, I added more… I brushed a light layer of Mod Podge onto each snowflake and then sprinkled glitter on them. I used two different colors of glitter to mix it up a little. Let the snowflakes dry while you do the rest of the wreath.



Step Two: Cut all of your tulle strips to size. The length of your tulle depends on how long you want the tuffs on your wreath to be. Mine happen to be huge! I kind of cheated a little bit. Being resourceful, I used the book “Milkweed” and wrapped the tulle around the book multiple times. Next I cut at the fold of the tulle at on end of the book and then cut those strips in half. You can also do this with a piece of cardboard. This saved me a ton of time rather than cutting each piece individually. If you want to know how big my strips are, they are approximately the size of the book “Milkweed”…



Step Three: Start knotting your pieces of tulle onto the wreath form. To do this, I folded my tulle in half then set it under the form. Next, I slipped the ends of the tulle through the loop and pulled it tight. I did all of mine the same direction so that each knot looked the same. Here are some pictures to better explain this process…

Loop tulle in half and place under the wreath form wire.

Loop tulle in half and place under the wreath form wire.

Pull the ends of the ribbon over the wreath wire and through the loop.

Pull the ends of the ribbon over the wreath wire and through the loop.

Pull the ends tight to create a knot.

Pull the ends tight to create a knot.

Step Four: This step is optional, but Miranda and I thought it would be a great idea if we did it. We sprayed the tulle with glitter fabric spray that Miranda had left over from another project. This just helped the tulle sparkle a little bit more. The fabric spray can be found in most craft stores by the shirt making kits, puff paint, or tye dye kits. Let the spray dry before moving on to Step 5!

Step Five: Now it is time to glue on all of those beautiful snowflakes that you made earlier. Using hot glue attach the center of each snowflake to the knots on the wreath. You can space them how ever you would like! After you get all of your snowflakes on,  your wreath is finished! Every year, I have to re-fluf the tuffs when I hang it up on the door, but it has lasted beautifully!2014-12-08 14.29.50

Now remember when I said that I may have gotten stuck inside my wreath? Well that really happened at some point during Step Three… It was terrifying. Miranda and I both thought I could probably fit in it to wear it like a tutu and she convinced me to try it. And I did fit! We just didn’t have a plan for if it didn’t fit back over my shoulders or over my hips, which it didn’t. It was at this point that I started panicking because I really didn’t want to have to explain to our CA (We were living in the dorms at the time) why I was stuck inside of a wreath. Luckily, after a lot of tugging and deep breaths, we got it off! Oh and don’t worry, Miranda watched as I lost my head and photographed the whole thing!


Wreath wearin' like a boss. If you decide to try on a wreath, this is probably the best way to go about it.

Wreath wearin’ like a boss. If you decide to try on a wreath, this is probably the best way to go about it.




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