Wedding Under Construction

I recently got done with my final college winter break! While this a terrifying thought (Next December, I will be *hopefully* walking into my own classroom or at least a borrowed one!), I am ready to move on and start my teaching career. While I was home, Josh and I got a lot of planning done for our wedding with the help of our parents. My mom and I went into full planning mode. I can pin point exactly where my anxiety and planning abilities come from and it would be my momma! Before I went home, I had a small mental break down because things were not lining up, I had finals, and lots of other things. Poor Josh did his best to try to keep calm.

The Venue

Between my mom, Josh, and myself, we had created a rather large list of reception venues in our area. We had a few things to consider, like the size of my family. My mom’s side of the family is hugenourmas and finding a place that would hold all of us was a bit of a trick. We also wanted to bring in our own caterer. I found that when it was required that you use the venues caterer, it was either a bit more expensive or a lot more expensive than the outside caterers that we had already looked at. Lastly, venues cost a small fortune and I didn’t want to give up on not paying an arm and a leg for a venue. In the end, we found a beautiful reception venue near our church. We decided on Heartland Acres Agribition Center. The main building is a agriculture museum. Our reception will be held in the events center that is connected to the museum. It is a wide open space with tall ceilings and large windows along the outer wall. Heartland had everything that we were looking for! Plus, the events manager there is amazing to work with!

Booking our venue was a bit of an adventure. Josh and I went to our then perspective venue the Monday before Christmas to look around one last time. We spoke to the event manager and told us not to worry that no one would take our date before Christmas. I had already booked the church and that was why we were aiming for a specific date. We wanted just a few more moments to talk over our decision and make sure that we were making the right choice. Between our visit Monday afternoon and later that evening, someone had booked our day that we wanted! The next three hours on Tuesday after Josh called was a frenzy of calling my mom, freaking out, calling the church and rebooking, calling the venue and confirming a different date. I in no way place any blame on the manager, I just need to be less indecisive! When I went in to sign our contract, there was a couple there booking the weekend after us and someone had called him Christmas day to book the weekend before us! Who knew that you would have to book your wedding a year and half in advance to make sure you get a date!? Either way we have a date, a church, and a reception venue!

The Food, Music, Flowers, and Sooo Much More

My parents and I attended a bridal show to get some ideas and meet some vendors. At the bridal show, we met our DJ, caterer, and a lady who makes popcorn! We also met lots of other people that we may or may not use. Either way, I recommend going to bridal shows. It may seem silly or hectic, but I have learned a lot from them. I have so far attended three since we got engaged. They have helped me price compare vendors and by meeting them in person, I was able to see their product and get a feel for their personality, things that aren’t always convenient with email or phone calls. Most bridal fairs are free or low cost to attend. You also get to taste free food, receive discounts or products from certain vendors, and gather more brochures than what you know what to do with!

The Dress

My mom and I went dress shopping on a whim this summer after I got engaged. We were already downtown and she wanted to just go look to see what there was. I looked once with some friends when I got back to school, but didn’t have much luck. I needed my mom to be with me. Plus I was just having fun with them. Because I go to school 300 miles away from home, I wanted to take advantage of my two maids of honor and myself being home at the same time! I took my mom, grandmother, Katey and Jessica. These are the people that know me the best and know what is most me. We found two amazing dresses, but I wasn’t ready to commit. There was a dress from the summer visit that I wanted to look at before I chose. The next Saturday, Mom, Grandma, and I visited the first store again. I tried on several more dresses, but I knew when I found “The One”. It was exactly what I wanted and I can not wait until I can share it! When we were getting ready to order, one of mom’s daycare moms came in to see my dress, then Grandma, Mom and I started talking and we walked out without ordering it. But, all is okay. I planned on coming back over spring break and ordering it then. But over the next weekend, I had to go back home. We ended up going to the store and ordering my dress. I know that it may be a bit early, but I wanted to make sure that I got it before it was discontinued. I love my dress and will not be changing my mind!

So as you can see, I had a busy yet productive break! My anxiety level has dropped considerably. I can’t wait for June 2016! My mom and I also got a lot of the little details planned out, but more on that later!




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