Magic Little Planner

I currently have what feels like 6,000 projects to due before the 8 weeks of EMB (Elementary Methods Block) classes end. Which is in 4ish weeks. It’s beyond overwhelming, it’s stressful, and it’s causing me to have a lot of anxiety. But this means that there are only 3 more weeks until I get to be in a classroom doing what I love. Which is what I have been waiting for for the past two years. February has been filled with conferences and trips (I’m finally going to be done with braces in one week!!!!) and that has not been helping with getting work done. But it’s okay because I have a Magic Little Planner!

It’s actually not little, it’s rather large. I write really big and have a ton of stuff to put in it. Making lists helps me feel organized and helps me relieve stress, so a planner is perfect for me. Some people prefer calenders or to do lists. I happen to have all three… I’m crazy, I know. I have a method to my madness though! It goes a little like this:

  • Green Highlighter = Meetings
  • Yellow Highlighter = Assignment is due that day!
  • Orange Highlighter = Conferences
  • Red Pen = Work

2015-02-10 16.29.20

I have already written in each class on the days that I have them. This makes it easier and faster to write in my assignments in class. I normally write what is due for the next class and only put in “BIG” due dates on the actual day things are due. If I put all of my assignments in on the day that they are due, I get mixed up. But one way might work better for you than another! As I finish each assignment or project, I cross it off in my planner. That way I no longer need to worry about it or mix it up with something I haven’t done yet.

Sticky notes are my life saver. When I have a lot of things to do on one day, I write them in a checklist style and stick the note on that particular day. This helps me stay organized as to what I need to do that day. Which lately, there have been lots of checklists…

Speaking of checklists, I have another piece of magic in my planner! It’s a giant checklist that I can put all of my assignments in the order that they are due and what class they are for. I used to use this for the weeks leading up to finals when projects and mass amounts of projects were due all at one time. It helped me keep my ducks in a row as well as organize my time. Normally things are all on different syllabi and they get scrambled together. I do put all of these dates in my planner, but the master checklist allows me to see everything at once! In EBD this has saved my life (Much like my planner!). There are so many projects and little assignments due in a short amount of time. By putting it in the master checklist, I can see everything at once and decide what I need to work on first. It is color coded by class and all of the assignments are ordered by due date. As I finish the assignments, I scribble them off of my list! The master checklist lives inside the front cover of my planner.


Want your own master check list? You can download it below when you click on “Download Master Checklist” below! There is also a reading checklist included in the download!

Download Master Checklist

Being a pre-service teacher, I feel like I have to stay organized as practice for the future. The planner and the master checklist also help keep me sane. There are less nervous breakdowns, lost assignments, and arguments if I have a list. Everyday I do a check in with both my planner and the checklist so that I can make a daily checklist. What can I say, I like lists!