Hi All!

Here at Sweet Potato Pie, we have started a new business venture! And by we, I mean myself and the occasional help from Joshua–He lets me drag him around the craft store when buying supplies. While posts have been sparse here and I keep promising to fix that, I have been working on something a little bit bigger. I have decided to share a little bit of my creative madness with you through my new Etsy store!

Head over to www.etsy.com/shop/JustSparkleAndShine to see check out what has been added to the shop! I am always in the process of adding new items. Right now, I am working on planner bands and pen clips that can be added to a planner or notebook. They are adorable and I wish I could keep them all-but I do not need a gagillion planner bands at one time! There are also cups, shirts, and more to come in the shop!

Go now and get your own piece of Sparkle and Shine!!

  2015-07-05 10.51.032015-07-05 10.50.32


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