Iowa Bound!!


We are Iowa bound y’all! After an extremely stressful finals week (Only 2 emotional break downs this time!) we are finally going home to see our families, friends, and attend my brothers high school graduation! Then on Tuesday we are headed to Chicago with some friends for a few days. We will then return to Iowa for Memorial Day weekend. I will be sharing pictures along the way and sharing our adventures! I didn’t bring along my laptop, so we will see how this goes on my phone!!
Enjoy the weekend!


Home Sweet Home

Hi all!
I’ve left Wisconsin for the weekend and traveled back home. I brought Miranda home with me. It’s her first time to visit home with me, I hope that she is enjoying her trip! If you are new to Sweet Potato Pie, Miranda was my dorm mate last year in college. Now we are singing (badly) partners in crime! I drug her all around Cedar Falls today. We tried on prom dresses and I found the {perfect} dress! Too bad we’re not in high school any more. Miranda was a big hit with the little girls this afternoon. Tomorrow we are headed to Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann’s for craft supplies! I have no clue what I am making yet, but why not add to my supply? 🙂


Car trip to Iowa with Miranda!

Car trip to Iowa with Miranda!

Have a good night!