See Me Wear This {Teacher Wear}

Ya’ll know that I’m going to be a teacher right? If not, now you do! What this means for my closet is that it most of my clothes are modest and school appropriate. I’m totally okay with this since I’ve always dressed like this. It is what I am most comfortable in. Also, if I’m going to buy new clothes, they have got to be versatile. I’m on a “college student/I’m planning a wedding” budget. If you see me on the weekends, I’ll most likely be in sweats. It’s my only non-dress-up time and I’m not required to wear “real” clothes, aka-non gym clothes.

Today, I was able to tour an amazing middle school. I was in shock and awe when we were told that there were nearly 900 students that attend the school. That’s a little less than how many kids that attend my whole school district back home! Sometimes it amazes me how big the enrollment in some schools is.

Here is my teacher look. It finally got hot today, so dress pants were not an option! Do I look teachery? See Me Wear This 3

Dress- Target

Sweater- Target

Shoes- Target

*Did you see what I did there?! I picked up the dress up a few weeks ago off of the 75% off rack. I couldn’t pass it up! I bought the shoes at the end of last summer when they had all of their canvas shoes marked down. They’re by Mad Love and I am madly in love with them! They go well with my dress clothes and are more comfortable than heels! Lastly, the sweater was a Christmas gift from my mom and dad. I picked it out on Black Friday. Mom picked one out too, hers is much sparkier than mine!


See Me Wear This!

I decided to embrace the hippie headband craze. It lasted until we got back into the car after the mall. I might have kept in longer if my hair was a little bit longer, after awhile it started to fall out. I rolled it in a head band curl-esque style which I love because it is very 1920’s-ish. Maybe someday I will perfect it. Anyways here is what I wore!

2014-06-28 09.51.59

Headband {Burlington Coat Factory-$1.99}

Necklace {Von Mauer}

Tank Top {Target-$6.00}

Maxi Skirt {Burlington Coat Factory-$7.99}

Purse {Steve Madden-TJ Maxx}

See Me Wear This!

As promised, I did a craft this weekend! But It didn’t get started until Sunday due to some family issues. It will get posted later this week in between final projects prep!

I decided to start a new series on the blog to help you(my readers) get to know me better. Every so often I will share what I wore. This will probably occur most when a) I get a new outfit or b) I feel that the outfit is cute or worthy of sharing. We will see how it goes.

Before I let you into my closet, you should know something, I have 4 rules when buying my clothes. They are:

1. The item must be functional! -This means that I have to be able to wear the item in a classroom (I’m going to school to be a teacher) or I have to be able to wear it to work. There are some                                                      exception like with summer clothes and sweats, but I usually don’t stray from this rule.

2. The item must be on sale or I have to have a coupon for it. -Josh and my friends will contest that I stick to this one pretty well. I Love this rule, it is my absolute favorite. Why buy full price                                                  when I can get more for my money?! I’m a college kid, this rule is very important!

3. The item needs to be modest. This is just a personal rule and style choice. I’ve followed this one since I can remember being able to pick out my own clothes. Everyone has their own                                                               definition of modest. Mine is, “Things that should be covered are covered.” It’s really that simple.

4.  The item must have a purpose. Sometimes, I make the purpose up like, I have a coupon for this or this deal is too good to pass up! But when I do that, the item is also something that I need                                                  to complete an outfit, or it will match something I already own. Slowly but surely, I am building up my “teacher closet” and that has been my shopping purpose most often.

Even though I have rules, I still splurge sometimes. Hey, I’m not perfect! I’m a girl and love shopping, I can not deny this…

Here is my first ever See Me Wear This! outfit. Josh and I had a “day date” on Saturday. Of course, I needed to look cute to go to lunch, the mall, and grocery shopping. 😛  We had Hu Hot for lunch and it was amazing as always!

See Me Wear This! #1

Headband: Maurices

Shirt: Maurices  – This shirt is no longer available as I bought it in the Fall.

The link will take you to Maurices’ shirt page.

Pants: Target – I got these in sale last Spring for $4.98! Because of this,

they are no longer available. The link will take you to pants of a similar style.

Shoes: Target – These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes!

They are Mad Love brand. And they are currently on sale!

Purse: Sassy’s Boutique – I got this purse a great little

shop in my home town!