First in First-Meet My Classroom!

I have been waiting since kindergarten to have my own classroom. It’s been a pretty long wait and I am ecstatic that the moment is finally here! I’d like you to meet my classroom! This isn’t actually the first time that I have been in my room. I was able to tour it after I was hired and I brought Josh to visit last week. However, the previous teacher was moving out. So, this is the first time that I have gotten to dig through the books, cupboards, and space and start setting up my room.

The first day was a lot of taking things off of the walls and organizing materials in a way that worked for me. The previous teacher left behind a lot of books and materials for me. This is great because this is my first year teaching, which means I will take all of the materials I can get! But, need to finish going through all of it so that I know what I have and where I put it. (Let’s be real, I will be asking myself where I put it in about two weeks. I should just make a list now…)

Let’s get to the part you are all dying to see – my classroom! These are the before pictures before I touched anything. I would really love to be able to paint my bookshelves, but I am not sure that that is allowed. My “colors” are shades of pink and blue. I know, I know – pink is a “girl” color and blue is a “boy” color. Let me tell you, a majority of my boys’ favorite color is pink. Plus, my favorite colors are pink and aqua. So I am doing it-too bad, too sad if it’s not what you would have picked. I can’t wait to start making it my own space!20160706_13495420160706_13501020160706_135015