The Long Forgotten Blogs

I’ve changed my mind yet again. Imagine that! Instead of reposting all of my previous posts, I’ve decided just to link them to this blog.
The original Sweet Potato Pie-My very first attempt at blogging 🙂 Here you will find the Summer of Crafts and several other attempts at blogging. If you work with young children, check out the Summer of Crafts series. It’s full of fun things like gak, headbands, Eric Carle Craft week, and more!

Sweet Potato Pie{Take Two} ultimately I wanted to keep this blog, but the formatting was getting annoying and the host changed a lot of features. Eventually I gave up and decided that I needed a whole new host! Here you will find more crafts and food!

There was nothing wrong with these blogs content wise. It mostly had to do with formatting. The Original Sweet Potato Pie was my first attempt. When I finally understood what I was doing, I wanted a clean start to make everything look polished. The Sweet Potato Pie{Take Two} was great, until Blog Spot changed their formating and I was unhappy with that. I also wanted something that looked a little more professional{No worries, the glitter is staying and will be making routine appearances!}.


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